AutoSave 7.x – User Training (Network Client)

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The purpose of this course is to provide a general overview of AutoSave, including its architecture, use cases, applications, client navigation and common operations.   The following lessons will be covered within this course:  AutoSave Introduction, Using the AutoSave App Center and Using the AutoSave Network Client. Once the user feels comfortable with the basic interactions, more advanced details and information can be found in follow up courses.

Many Topics in the Lessons below include Exercises to perform on your AutoSave System. It is recommended/beneficial to have a running AutoSave Client available, while taking this course.

At the time of writing, this training applies to AutoSave version 7.0.  The interface has not changed since AutoSave version 6.02, therefore some screenshots may be similar to images in 6.02 training.

Your progress in the course will be shown by the progress bar at the top of the screen.  As you complete each topic, click on the “Next Topic” button at the bottom of the page to progress to the next topic in that lesson.  Please click on the appropriate listed lesson below to begin your training.  Each image can be expanded by clicking on the image, use the back button at the top left of the screen to exit an expanded image.  You must complete all topics, lessons and quizzes to receive a printable certificate for course completion.